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MT BlitzPlan App for smartphones available

IFR flight planning with your mobile phone

Version 1.1 for Android smartphones. See feature list below for new features!

Please Note: There are compatibility issues on iOS 11. We are looking for a solution and will inform you as soon as possible.

Download the App for free and use Blitzplan from your Android smartphone to route wherever you are. With this version you can create and file IFR flightplans (I,Y,Z,W) and view all important data as METAR/TAF, CFMU/SLOT messages and the routelisting with WIND and FUEL CALCULATION. All important CFMU messages are sent to your mobile via text message, if you want to.

  Get Blitzplan Android App


- Automated route finding for flightplans with IFR part
- File your flightplan to Eurocontrol (also DELAY or CANCEL)
- Routelisting with current WIND (speed, direction), TEMPERATURE and FUEL CALCULATION
- Get all important CFMU/SLOT Messages
- METAR/TAF available
- Route displayed on Map 
- Flightlevelprofile 
- Available 24/7 
- SMS service available
- Dispatch service available

Online Features:
- Jar/OPS conform Flightlog
- Print flightlog as PDF package
- NOTAMS, FLIGHTPROFILE and an OVERVIEW MAP (available end of June)

- Support via SMS
- Dispatch Service
- Training lessons

Once registered, you are able to use our system via App and on our website with the same login. If you have the flight unit MT VisionAir, you also have access to your flightplans in your cockpit. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call Moving Terrain: 0049 8376 92140.

Blitzplan App - Create Flightplan (2)
Create a flightplan

Blitzplan App - Weight & Balance
Weight & Balance 



First steps

If you already have a Blitzplan Login, use it for the App and follow the steps for 'Blitzplan customers' below.

New Blitzplan users Blitzplan customers

1. Download Blitzplan App for Android

2. Register within the app or online. You'll have access to the Blitzplan system with your app and online at as "DEMO USER" with some free credits to try out routings. (Note: Demo users cannot file flightplans)

3. If you want to extend the demonstration period or if you have any questions, feel free to call Moving Terrain: 0049 8376 92140.

4. If you want to use Blitzplan, call Moving Terrain to find out which access fits your purpose best or order online at


1. Download Blitzplan App for Android

2. Start the app, sign in with your existing login data (no need to register a new account) and create flightplans!


Blitzplan App - FPL archive
FPL archive
Blitzplan App - Create Flightplan
Create flightplan
Blitzplan App - Routelisting
Blitzplan App - Map, Flightlevelprofile
Map and Flightlevelprofile
Blitzplan App - Fuel calculation
Fuel calculation
Blitzplan App - Weight & Balance
Weight & Balance
Blitzplan App - METAR/TAF
Blitzplan App - NOTAM